Mudec – Museo delle Culture di Milano

45° 27′ 07″ N, 9° 09′ 41″ E

Conceived by David Chipperfield Architects before the practice rather unceremoniously renounced the project in the well publicised “war of the floor”, the Mudec, Museo dell Culture di Milano is the Municipality of Milan’s latest cultural regeneration project.  The redevelopment of disused steel factories integrates culture into the heart of Milan’s former industrial Tortona district by converting the industrial heritage into a workshops, creative spaces and galleries.  Architecturally the projects revolves around an curved opaque-glass centrepiece surrounded by a quintessentially Chipperfield zinc-titanium standing-seam clad volume.

At the time of our visit the exhibitions included Homo Sapians, a journey through the history of human evolution, and a retrospective exhibition which covered the short, but illustrious, career of American primitivist artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.