Zabriskie Point – Death Valley
Stovepipe Wells, Furnace Creek – California
36° 25′ 12″ N, 116° 48′ 40″ W

California – Day 5:
With stunning view over the Death Valley Badlands, our next stop was Zabriskie Point, named after Christian Brevoort Zabriskie once general manager of the Pacific Coast Borax Company a prominent borax mining company based in the Death Valley in the early 20th Century.  The erosional, lunar landscape visible today has been formed over millions of years from the saline mud and ash deposits made from the then-active volcanic Black Mountains.  These layers were deposited over the bed of an ancient lake which due to the lifting of the mountains forming what is now a dry lake of the badlands beyond the point.  The dark-colored material capping the badland ridges is lava from eruptions that occurred three to five million years ago. This hard lava cap has retarded erosion in many places and possibly explains why Manly Beacon, the high outcrop to the right, is much higher than other portion of the badlands.